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This topic contains news and insights which examine legislation and case law concerning intestate and testate succession, wills, estate planning, inter vivos and mortis causa trusts, and the taxation of trusts.

curator bonis
Curator bonis vs curator ad litem

Under South African law, certain factors affect a person’s capacity to act on his/her behalf and manage his/her affairs. For example, factors such as age in the case of minors or mental illness can render persons ‘incapable’. Under these circumstances, an application…
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funeral cover
Coping with death following a natural disaster

The importance of funeral cover during unforeseen events Natural disasters have recently left many South African families dealing with the loss of their loved ones and in the same breath, constrained financially. In this article, we help you look out for any exclusions…
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What is a usufruct?

The English word usufruct derives from the Latin roots usus and fructus, from verbs meaning to possess and to have the benefit of, respectively. A usufruct...

The recent Bwanya case

The right of a surviving life partner in a permanent opposite-sex life partnership to inherit or claim maintenance The recent Constitutional Court judgment of Bwanya v The...
life partner

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