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Why Legal&Tax exists

We provide our members with affordable subscription-based services that give members access to professional legal, tax, & debt advice, assistance and legal expense insurance cover. For a small monthly fee, you get a lifelong companion to help you protect the things you love and fight for the things that really matter.

We have a focussed suite of products ranging legal expense insurance, funeral policies and hospital cash-back cover. These are complimented by a range of value-added services spanning tax, debt, trauma, educational assistance & more.

We believe that our approach enables us to be your and your family's lifelong companion

Our history

Legal&Tax was started in 1996 with the main aim of providing people with legal and tax assistance that was both affordable and professional. Since then there have been many moments where we have come together to help make a real difference in people’s lives, something this company always strives to achieve and something I’m extremely proud of. We later introduced a range of funeral plans, and in 2018 the HealthCare Plan. To date we have helped almost 600 000 members.

In 2013 we launched our commercial and employee benefits business, Solace Benefits providing businesses with support solutions while proactively educating their employees and providing them with support to tackle life's challenges.

This company’s future is bright because of its people. We don’t just hire the most qualified individuals; we look for great minds, with great attitudes – when great attitudes come together, great things happen.

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