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Darren Cohen is a General Manager at Legal&Tax.

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ai lawyer
Why My AI Lawyer is changing the face of legal advice

AI-powered legal assistance is changing the game! My AI Lawyer is making legal services more accessible and affordable, right here in South Africa where access to justice is still one of our biggest issues. The law is a complicated subject. Most South Africans just…

ai lawyer
AI Lawyer – Democratizing access to justice in Mzansi

How the Legal&Tax AI Lawyer is Changing the Game The Legal&Tax AI Lawyer is transforming access to justice in South Africa. Using advanced AI technology, this robo lawyer provides South Africans with legal insights and advice at their fingertips, anytime…

Death and frozen bank accounts

Why your bank account freezes after you die and how this impacts your family When you die your assets are frozen for the executor of the...

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