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Robyn Shepherd

Robyn Shepherd obtained her LLB degree from the University of the Western Cape in 2016. She joined SchoemanLaw Inc as a Professional Assistant in February 2022 and was admitted to practice as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in November 2021.

Robyn is an ambitious professional, driven to provide exceptional support and client services. She is dedicated to maintaining professional standards and ethical work habits.​

Areas of expertise:
- Family Law
- Civil Litigation
- Employment Law
- Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Contract Drafting
- Property Law
- Antenuptial Contracts
- Wills and Deceased Estates

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Delinquent directors and directors on probation

Introduction An application may be made to the court to declare a director delinquent or to be placed under an order of probation. A wide range of persons may apply to a court for the above order; these range from a company, a shareholder, a director, a company secretary…

Understanding default judgment and rescission applications

Introduction Do you have a judgment against you and wish to challenge this? Your best option is to contest it through the process of rescission of judgments. This legal avenue allows you to seek the setting aside or reconsideration of a court order under specific circumstances.…

A deep dive into trusts

Introduction A business trust is a form of business vehicle which has become increasingly popular. This is due to the advantages it enjoys compared to other...
business trust

Forfeiture and divorce

Introduction In South Africa, the default position of a marriage is “in community of property,” meaning that spouses share joint ownership of assets acquired during the...

Termination of a lease agreement

Introduction The relationship between landlords and tenants is of utmost importance, requiring a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities, particularly when it comes to terminating a...
lease agreement

A minor entering into a contract

Introduction  A minor has limited legal capacity and cannot hold some of the offices of a legal subject. A minor can generally incur contractual liability if...

Sectional title schemes

Introduction A sectional title scheme comprises three elements: the owners’ sections, exclusive use areas and common property. A sectional title scheme provides for dividing buildings into...
sectional title scheme

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