Social Media Law

Social media has become one of the most prominent forms of communication. Messages conveyed via social media may have numerous ramifications which can lead to legal prosecution and dismissals. On a personal level, insensitive and quarrelsome users can significantly affect the lives of others through defamation, trolling and bullying. From a business perspective, the employer-employee relationship is complicated by, amongst other issues, risks to reputation, goodwill, defamation, vicarious liability, and the divulgence of confidential information. In order to mitigate the the inherent risks of social media conduct, businesses must implement firm social media policies. This section contains a wealth of news and information examining the affects of social media on today’s businesses and on our personal lives.

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Social media for lawyers

Is it time to hop on the social media gravy train? Have you noticed how many people are constantly on their phones? They may be checking their emails and messages. Sure. They are being “responsible with their screen times”. But the truth is, no matter their age, they …
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The Bill of Rights

South Africans can be proud to be part of a society that is built upon powerful principles of fairness and equality. In particular, the Bill of...

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