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Michael Visser is a legal advisor at Legal&Tax. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) Law and LLB from The University of Pretoria.

Michael Visser

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Frozen assets after death
Frozen assets after death

How will your family survive after you’re gone? Your estate and bank accounts can be frozen for a long time after your death. Here’s how you can help your family pick up the pieces and have enough funds to live on. After a death After a death, a judicial process…

Deceased estates
Deceased estates

The administration of a deceased estate is explained Plan your estate now to eliminate any problems upon your death. Protect your loved ones by minimising the chances of family strife and ugly battles. When a person dies, a death notice must be completed and the estate…

Your rights and duties on the road

Know your rights and obligations when you are stopped by a traffic officer Everything you need to know about roadblocks and when you are being pulled...

Clearing your criminal record

You can apply for expungement of your criminal record provided you meet the criteria, allowing you to carry on with life without a criminal record...
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