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This topic contains articles related to technology, science, information technology (IT) and matters related to the internet and communications. As new technologies enter our day to day lives, new opportunities and crimes follow suit. Old laws must constantly adapt to changing circumstances and new laws must be promulgated to ensure that the best interest of society are promoted. Issues such as cybercrime and cybersecurity continue to proliferate, blockchain is slowly changing the way we store and monitor information, drones have the ability to fly unperturbed in our skies, and new software is changing the way the legal industry operates.

Smart contracts
The tech series – Smart contracts and blockchain

When one thinks about something that is “smart” we imagine someone or perhaps even something that is quick witted, intelligent and has all the answers. Pondering this thought, we turned to popular culture and stumbled on this quote by Roy H. Williams – “A smart man …
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legal analytics
Transform your law firm with Tarsus on Demand

Relying on old methods of getting ahead can only get you so far. It’s time to start putting analytic data to work for your law firm. Big data analytics can be used to identify previously overlooked patterns by using analytical understanding and predetermined conclusions…
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The tech series

Technology provides us with an opportunity to dream. It gives us the opportunity to do what we once thought was impossible. But we also know...

Work and WhatsApp

We all loved WhatsApp when it first arrived; convenient and cheap messaging was here and it was here to stay. But then employers started using it...

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