Salary survey – Partner focus 2017/2018

Our findings on partner remuneration 2017-2018: Partners are, on average, receiving increases of up to 18-20% when they move to a new firm; Partners from small to medium sized firms can make a move to the larger firms, sometimes with a reduction in seniority (senior…

A legacy of empowering through knowledge

For over 30 years, Sabinet has been committed to changing lives through providing access to information. Sharing knowledge not only empowers individuals but it supports education and upliftment and in turn influences the greater knowledge economy. As gateways…

Women’s role in the Western legal system

The Western legal system is lopsided in that it prioritizes logic over intuition, the left brain over the right brain, over connection and masculine approaches over feminine ones. For the sake of our clients, of society and of humanity, we need to move to an integrated…

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