The Council on Higher Education’s national review of the LLB

The CHE undertook a review of the LLB programme across the 17 Universities that offer it. While this was a process that began in 2013, it culminated in a set of outcomes emanating from the review undertaken by the CHE during 2016, and communicated to the universities…

A legacy of empowering through knowledge

For over 30 years, Sabinet has been committed to changing lives through providing access to information. Sharing knowledge not only empowers individuals but it supports education and upliftment and in turn influences the greater knowledge economy. As gateways…

Western Cape librarian wins Sabinet-sponsored award

In keeping with their continued support of the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), Sabinet was this year proud to sponsor the LIASA Librarian of the Year 2017 2nd Runner-Up Award. Hearty congratulations go to Jeremiah Pietersen on his richly…

Women’s role in the Western legal system

The Western legal system is lopsided in that it prioritizes logic over intuition, the left brain over the right brain, over connection and masculine approaches over feminine ones. For the sake of our clients, of society and of humanity, we need to move to an integrated…

Sabinet Library Solutions

Africa’s premier information service, Sabinet has the very best solutions on offer for the researcher in you. Sabinet is celebrating more than 30 years of top quality solutions through its library management offerings for library’s and institutions both …

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