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08 Jul 2024

Legal accounting often requires specialised tools found in legal accounting software programmes. It is an indispensable asset for sole practitioners and larger law firms, and because it is a necessity for a law firm, its price shouldn’t be a reason why firms decide against it.

Quantim Legal Solutions acknowledges this. Our service costs, on average, a third of what our competitors charge.

Three reasons why your business is missing out

1. It’s 2024, automate

Legal accounting is subject to strict regulations and standards that mandate precise record-keeping and reporting. This software is specifically tailored to meet these requirements, ensuring compliance with the Legal Practice Act and the rules established by the Law Society of South Africa.

Legal accounting software automates intricate tasks such as trust accounting, client billing, and expense tracking, significantly reducing the risk of errors and guaranteeing accurate recording of every transaction. By automating these processes, law firms can avoid costly penalties and uphold a high standard of financial integrity.

2. You’re wasting time… & money

Legal accounting software simplifies and automates time-consuming manual accounting processes, reducing the risk of human error and allowing legal professionals to focus on serving clients and practising law.

Automated features like billing cycles, invoice generation, and financial reporting lessen the administrative workload, freeing up time for more productive tasks. This improved efficiency leads to cost savings by decreasing the need for a large administrative team and reducing the time spent on manual financial management.

3. You’re a lawyer, not an accountant (and that’s okay)

Comprehensive financial reporting is essential for law firms to understand their financial well-being and make strategic decisions. Legal accounting software provides advanced reporting tools that offer clear and detailed insights into a firm’s financial performance.

Customisable reports can analyse profitability, track expenses, and monitor cash flow, enabling law firms to make data-driven decisions that support their growth and stability. These insights are crucial for identifying financial trends, managing budgets, and planning for the future, ensuring that the firm remains financially strong and competitive in the market.

Your law firm needs Quantim Legal Solutions

Quantim Legal Solutions is a cost-effective and comprehensive all-in-one practice management solution tailored for South African law firms. It is a cloud-based solution that offers convenience, accessibility, and real-time features. Despite its affordability, Quantim Legal Solutions does not compromise on quality or functionality as it competes with bigger-name competitors but at a third of the price.

Quantim is for firms looking to maximise value without sacrificing performance.

Features and benefits
  1. Trust accounting: Quantim Legal Solutions provides comprehensive trust accounting features to ensure accurate management of client funds in compliance with legal requirements, including automated reconciliations, interest calculations, and detailed reporting.
  2. Client billing: Efficient billing is crucial for maintaining cash flow. Quantim’s software allows you to streamline the billing process with easy-to-assemble invoice templates with your company’s logo that reflects payment statuses as you update them.
  3. Expense tracking: Quantim’s expense, work in progress (WIP), time tracking and billing features simplify expense management. Firms can easily record and categorise expenses, generate expense reports, and integrate them with client billing for accurate cost recovery.
  4. Financial reporting: Quantim provides comprehensive financial reporting tools, giving firms clear insights into their financial health. Customisable reports can be generated to analyse profitability, track financial performance, and support strategic decision-making.
  5. User-friendly interface: Designed with ease of use in mind, Quantim Legal Solutions offers an intuitive interface that is easily adopted through our training. Our team provides 24-hour support, whether you are a new or existing client.
Suited for all sizes of law firms

Whether you are a sole practitioner, part of a small partnership, or managing a large firm, Quantim Legal Solutions is designed for the needs of any law firm, regardless of its size.

With Quantim, whether you are one user or many users, you will all have access to the same features. Our packages aren’t scaled to additional features, you will only pay an additional fee per user added to your profile.

Quantim is of the belief that the needs of a small law firm are the same as the needs of a larger law firm.

Affordability without compromise

Quantim Legal Solutions offers the best comprehensive suite of tools comparable to those of our larger competitors.

The cost-effective pricing model ensures that even small law firms and sole practitioners can access high-quality legal accounting software without stretching their budgets. Quantim’s affordability does not come at the expense of functionality or performance. It is an easy-to-use, all-in-one accounting and bookkeeping platform tailored for law firms. It combines advanced features with intuitive design, making it an invaluable investment for law firms looking to enhance their financial management capabilities while maintaining a cost-efficient operation.

Quantim’s solution

Accounting software for South African law firms is a must, to ensure compliance, accuracy, and efficiency in financial management.

Quantim Legal Solutions is your solution for comprehensive, cost-effective software that provides all the essential features needed to manage your business’s legal finances affordably and effectively.

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