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Alicia Koch is an admitted attorney with over 10 years PQE. She has worked in law firms, has had her own legal consulting company and has been an in-house legal counsel for a number of both global and local institutions. However, her passion has always been in researching a topic - finding out its' "Why" and more so, in writing articles, blogs or any other form of written content. She considers herself a "Renaissance Woman" (in training), with an absolute passion for the written word, music, art and all things beautiful.

In keeping with this topic of beauty, and keeping in mind her love of the written word, Alicia has (since the difficult start of 2020), started a content management company called "The Legal Bellatrist" (belle-lettres is a category of writing, originally meaning beautiful or fine writing. The writer thereof is therefore a belletrist). Alicia hopes that in embodying the role of "The Legal Belletrist", she will be able to do just that - write fine legal (and other) articles.

Alicia Koch

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A Suez blockage – How does a mental blockage impede business?
A Suez blockage – How does a mental blockage impede business?

Take The Ever Given for example – a serious blockage in the Suez Canal. The Evergreen Group, a Taiwan-based shipping company’s cargo ship, which stretches more than 1400 feet, ran aground (jamming itself sideways) on Tuesday 23 March 2021 blocking one of the world’s…

The “alternative” legal solution
The “alternative” legal solution

There is nothing alternative about Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs). Anymore. When one thinks about the word “alternative”, grunge bands playing their hard edge alternative rock in dark Seattle nightclubs during the grunge subculture that arose …

The work from home saga

I have a shoe fetish. There I said it. I confess. Shoes are my “thing”. I have a whole Instagram account just about shoes (I’m...
work from home

Being more than just a lawyer

As if advising on legal matters was not enough, companies are now expecting more out of their legal teams. You see, the lawyer of the future...
future lawyer

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