African Information
Bringing African information to the world

As a steward of information both coming into South Africa, and traveling from Africa to the world, Sabinet makes continual commitments to furthering education, and offering the African information market the best resources for research. It is no surprise that …
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Innovation in the digital era

Innovation and technology regularly go hand-in-hand in an age where the faster, holistic, and more self-sufficient solution is constantly being sought. The dynamic nature of technological...
Legal Innovation

Mandela & Tambo Attorneys
Mandela & Tambo Attorneys

In 1952, two iconic freedom lovers took a heroic stand against injustice and established one of the first black owned and operated law firms in the country. (Pixley ka Isaka Seme, a founder and President of the ANC, set up a legal practice in Johannesburg around 1910/1911.)…
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FIC Amendment Act published

The Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act 1 of 2017 (the Amendment Act), was published in Government Gazette 40821 of 2 May 2017. Attorneys, as accounting institutions,...
FIC Amendment Act

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