Technology Law

This topic contains articles related to technology, science, information technology (IT) and matters related to the internet and communications. As new technologies enter our day to day lives, new opportunities and crimes follow suit. Old laws must constantly adapt to changing circumstances and new laws must be promulgated to ensure that the best interest of society are promoted. Issues such as cybercrime and cybersecurity continue to proliferate, blockchain is slowly changing the way we store and monitor information, drones have the ability to fly unperturbed in our skies, and new software is changing the way the legal industry operates.

Saving your online real estate from cybersquatters

The Internet has had a profound influence on modern commerce with domain names providing the real estate for businesses to build an online presence. The opportunity to profit from the Web has also been the Achilles heel for anyone with a semblance of presence on the…

How safe is your company from cyber attacks?

Cybercrime is an increasing global threat which has caused substantial damage over the years to public and private companies such as Maersk, Google, Yahoo, Rosneft, FedEx and Telkom. Cybercrimes can take the form of data loss, data breaches and data ransom. South…

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