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Policy proposals for whistle-blowers in the pipeline

New policy proposals for whistle-blowers are in the pipeline. The justice and correctional services minister, Ronald Lamola, revealed this during the justice and constitutional development department’s 2023/24 budget vote speech. The minister added that …
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protection order
Protection from harassment

In Moos v Makgoba [2022] JOL 54225 (GP), it was held that evidence of psychological, economic, or mental harm is necessary to secure a protection order. In Moos v Makgoba [2022] JOL 54225 (GP) the appellant appealed against the dismissal of her application for …
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Vicarious liability

Vicarious liability is “liability assigned to an employer or other principal for his agent’s or employee’s acts performed in the course of employment or other...
vicarious liability

Fallen foul of the law?

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