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Merilyn Kader joined LexisNexis from practice as an attorney and has a Compliance Management certification. She manages the All South African Reports and the Constitutional Law Reports.

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Referral to Registrar for a debt or liquidated demand

In Auditor-General of South Africa v Accounting Officer of Gateway Airports Authority (Ltd) and Another [2022] JOL 54182 (LP), the court had to determine whether the claim in the default judgment was for ‘a debt’ or for a ‘liquidated demand’. The Auditor-General…

share block scheme
Share block scheme transactions

In Trustees for the Time Being of the Hunter Family Trust v Duin-en-See (Pty) Ltd and Others [2022] 4 All SA 260 (WCC), an order was sought declaring a company to be operating a share block scheme in terms of the Share Block Control Act, and the resultant validity of transfer…

Urgent application

A group of 116 persons in Ndevu and Another v Westonaria South Property Holding (Pty) Ltd t/a Westonaria South and Others [2022] JOL 53978 (GP) occupying a...

Protection from harassment

In Moos v Makgoba [2022] JOL 54225 (GP), it was held that evidence of psychological, economic, or mental harm is necessary to secure a protection order. In Moos...
protection order

Eviction & continued occupation

The East London Hebrew Congregation in Trustees for the Time Being of the East London Hebrew Congregation v Galperin and Others [2022] 4 All SA 224 (ECLD) sought...

Disqualification from inheriting

The applicant’s husband in Smit v Master of the High Court, Western Cape and Others [2022] 4 All SA 146 (WCC) was murdered on their farm...

Employee salary deductions

The applicants in Gqithekhaya and Others v Amathole District Municipality [2022] 4 All SA 106 (ECLD) participated in an unprotected strike and they continued to receive...

Permanent residence permits

The applicants in Hoque and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Another [2022] 4 All SA 129 (WCC) were Bangladeshi nationals seeking permanent residence in...
Permanent residence

Validity of a customary marriage

The court in Segone v Minister of Home Affairs and Others [2022] JOL 54179 (GJ) was called on to decide whether the purported customary marriage between...
customary marriage

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