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News, case law and analyses which examine constitutional law, civil rights and human rights. The Constitution forms the basis of a democratic nation and the legal foundation for the existence of the Republic of South Africa. It sets out the rights and duties of the citizens and the government.
The Bill of Rights, Section 2 of the South African Constitution, is the highest law in the country and the protection of the rights contained therein are given maximum priority by our courts. The Human Rights Commission was set up to promote awareness of human rights and to foster development and equality in South Africa.

Restorative School Discipline The Law and Practice
Restorative School Discipline The Law and Practice

About this publication The increasing lack of discipline in South African schools and the impact thereof is well known. In most instances, existing punitive measures do not yield the required results. Yet, schools continue to scramble to find alternative punishments…
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Planning Law 3e

About this publication Now part of the Juta’s Property Law Library series, the third edition provides a comprehensive discussion of the core aspects of South African...

Rooibos and justice

“Tea from South Africa’s rooibos bush will soon be infused with a measure of restorative justice.” This neat quote comes from an article that appeared in...
Rooibos and justice

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