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News & analyses from South Africa’s top property lawyers and conveyancers concerning property legislation and case law, encompassing property rights, leases, sectional titles and the overall rights and duties of property owners, lessors and lessees.

Knowing the hidden costs of buying a property

Experts estimate that the hidden costs of buying a property can add as much as 10% onto the purchase price. Knowing the “ins and outs” of the property before making an offer can prevent an emotionally inflated purchase price and save valuable finances towards …

Is Uganda ready for REITs?

Introduction The Ugandan Collective Investment Schemes (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Regulations, 2017 (the “REIT Regulations”) are the latest initiative by the Capital Markets Authority (the “CMA”) in Uganda. The REIT Regulations provide a regulatory…

What to do with a Tenant’s leftovers?

This article examines the practical solutions available to a landlord in the situation where a tenant vacates a property and leaves personal items behind. Vacation/Absconding and Abandonment Until such time as a tenant vacates the property voluntarily or the …

Securing your property views

A common issue that arises in the real estate industry is the question of securing a view. The issue has led to several disputes as to who has the right to enjoy the view and what the legal repercussions are if the view is interrupted. The right to an unrestricted view does…

Liability for special levies

This article examines the legal issue of whether the purchaser or seller of an immovable property is responsible for the payment of special levies raised by the body corporate or the home owners association concerned before transfer occurs. Basic Context When a …

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