Honoré’s South African Law of Trusts

law of trusts
10 Dec 2018

About this publication:

Trusted for over 50 years, this accessible, comprehensive and practical commentary has been written with the needs of the practitioner, the trustee and the academic jurist in mind.

The sixth edition of Honoré’s South African Law of Trusts meticulously discusses the life of a trust from its formation to its dissolution and the problems that are typically encountered in the process.

Extensively updated with reference to the latest legislation, case law, and in terms of South Africa’s growing constitutional development, the book also includes a new chapter on collective investment schemes.

Contents include:

  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Cases
  • Introduction
  • Trusts and other institutions
  • Formation of a trust
  • The office of trustee
  • The trustee’s duty to give security
  • The administration of a trust
  • The trustee’s expenses, remuneration and profits
  • Liability for breach of trust and other defaults
  • Legal proceedings and costs
  • The revocation, variation and termination of trusts
  • The trust beneficiary
  • Collective investment schemes (‘unit trusts’)
  • The taxation of trusts

Key benefits:

  • A one-stop commentary on South African trust law
  • Up-to-date and thorough coverage of the topic
  • Tables and subject matter indexes allow for easy navigation of topics and relevant case law and legislation

Of interest to:

  • Legal professionals
  • Academics
  • Executors, trustees and curators


Edwin Cameron, Marius de Waal, Peter Solomon

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