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Salome Hamman

Salome Hamman graduated with an LLB from the North-West University's Potchefstroom campus.

She is a well-rounded, balanced individual with good leadership skills, demonstrated from an early age. She likes to be involved in her surroundings and invest in people.

Her commitment to personal and professional excellence has driven her to increase her knowledge and elevated her dedication to perform. In her time at university, she learned how to work together in a team and also to self-motivate when she finds herself faced with an obstacle.

Her excellent communication and interpersonal skills allow her to work well with others and to bring a unique dynamic to her peers. Her hardworking and ambitious nature fuel goal orientated work in individual as well as group projects.

She has an eagerness to learn, passion for the law and the respect for its influence on the lives of people.

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Should you sign surety? Think carefully!

The concept of surety can be daunting and misunderstood. This often results in serious consequences if a party is ill-informed. Therefore, a person signing as surety needs to understand what he/she will be committing to and what he/she will be liable for should the…

polygraph test
How enforceable is the polygraph in modern-day proceedings?

A polygraph, better known by the public as a “lie detector test”, is used in labour proceedings by an employer to assess the truthfulness of an employee in a dispute or event. The test monitors bodily reactions towards specific questions to determine whether the subject’s…


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