Johan Swart

Johan Swart is head of Tax at Legal&Tax. He is registered as a Master Tax Practitioner with SAIT and has been with Legal&Tax for 13 years.

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tax compliance
Navigating tax debts: Solutions and support for owing taxes

Discover the consequences of owing taxes and the importance of tax compliance. Learn how to request payment arrangements from SARS and receive assistance from qualified tax practitioners. Avoid criminal offenses and enforcement collection actions by seeking…

tax return
2022 Tax Companion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about tax Tax season has come around again, and we have put together FAQs to help you through various stages during your tax return. These are our top 10 FAQs about income tax. Our clients are reminded that they can contact us for further…

Tax 101 – Income tax made easy

A guide for beginners: Income tax made easy We simplify the complexities of the tax system and provide you with the basic principles in a way...

2021 new tax legislation

Here’s what you should know as a taxpayer Negligent non-compliance of all taxpayers has been criminalised. What does the new amendment of tax legislation mean for you? The...
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