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Jared Poole

Jared Poole obtained his LLB degree from the University of the Western Cape in 2017.

While at high school Jared held various leadership positions including that of Deputy-Head Prefect. Externally, he served on the Junior City Council of Cape Town where he held the position of Sub-Council Chairperson in addition to that of Speaker of the Executive.

Jared was part of the UWC Chapter of the Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) organization whose work during this time included reviews of the LLB curriculum as well as the Court’s distribution of justice during its proceedings.

He joined SchoemanLaw Inc as a Candidate Attorney on 1 December 2018.

Jared is a driven, ambitious and reliable individual. He believes that no matter how complex your legal needs, the law can always be utilized to bring about harmony.

Jared Poole

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Sectional Title Schemes Management Act: Part 1 Body Corporates
Sectional Title Schemes Management Act: Part 1 Body Corporates

In 2011 the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (hereinafter referred to as the Management Act) was assented to by then-President Jacob Zuma. The need for the Act was created by the extensive use of the format in the property landscape. Although there already …

Rezoning of property

When a property is initially purchased, one cannot always predict the host of possible intentions for which the property is to be used. Even when...

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