Izaan Kuschke

Izaan Kuschke is an associate at Kisch IP's patent department. She is an Assistant for the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Intellectual Property Law.

Her technical areas of expertise include: Human Genetics, Plant Genetics, Biotechnology, Genetic Modification, Pharmacology, DNA forensic evidence.

Izaan Kuschke

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Supreme excellence in patent litigation
Supreme excellence in patent litigation

Sun Tzu, in his renowned work “Art of War” said, that “[t]o fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking down the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Pyrrhus of Epirus, a Greek king who was undone by his…

Botox and the logic of regulation

Westport is a small, beautiful town in Ireland which is home to around 6000 people. It would be completely unremarkable (save, perhaps, as one of...

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