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Gabriella Keeble

Gabriella Keeble completed her LLB at the University of the Western Cape.

Gabriella joined a boutique commercial and insolvency firm in February 2019 as a Candidate Attorney. She gained extensive experience in commercial, employment and insolvency related matters.

Always eager to learn, Gabriella stretches her capabilities by working extensively in all departments. A woman of integrity, Gabriella takes ownership for tasks that are handed to her and strives to achieve nothing less than her best no matter the complexity of the matter. With a focus on corporate and commercial law, Gabriella is able to tap into her wealth of business experience and academia in the field.

She joined SchoemanLaw as a Candidate Attorney on 28 September 2020.
Gabriella is passionate, systematic and tenacious. She believes that anything can be solved through looking at a matter with a practical and innovative lens.

Gabriella Keeble

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To mediate or to litigate? That is the question!
To mediate or to litigate? That is the question!

Litigation is often the first route that parties take when a dispute arises. It is often pursued when it is evident that the other party does not wish to co-operate and litigation thus ensures that the matter is adjudicated. The decision of the court binds the parties.…

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A grocery stokvel has been found to be operating as a pyramid scheme, reigning in more than R42 million in membership fees within two months. Although...
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