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Financial Regulatory Instruments
17 Aug 2023

Financial regulatory instruments refer to laws, regulations, and guidelines that govern the financial sector, such as banking, insurance, capital markets, and other financial institutions. These instruments are designed to ensure stability, transparency, and protection for businesses within the financial system.

Sabinet brings together a streamlined workflow by linking Financial Regulatory Instruments with relevant legislation, as well as applicable content by Sabinet’s product specialists for ease of use. To augment this value provided by Sabinet’s Financial Regulatory Instruments, users can subscribe to Sabinet’s National Legislation service (NetLaw).

This service has been developed with the Financial and adjacent sectors, such as banking, long-and short-term insurers, regulators, and government departments as issued by the South African Reserve Bank and Financial Sector Conduct Authority. It allows users in these sectors to remain abreast of the prescribed regulatory requirements, which is rapidly becoming non-negotiable during an age in which corporate governance is becoming a key business driver.

Let’s explore the benefits of Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments and how it helps organisations navigate legislation changes effectively.

Streamlined Access to Financial Regulatory Instruments:

Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments simplifies the process of accessing and understanding financial regulatory instruments. Instead of searching through multiple sources for relevant information, users can save time and effort by accessing all necessary regulatory instruments from a single, streamlined platform. This centralised approach ensures that businesses have comprehensive and accurate information readily available, helping them stay on top of legislative changes and maintain compliance.

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Comprehensive coverage and additional resources:

The platform offers access to all instruments issued by the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Users can access guidelines, standards, directives, and other related content compiled by Sabinet’s product specialists. This compilation of resources enhances usability and provides users with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Sabinet’s workflow integration:

Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments simplifies the compliance workflow by linking regulatory instruments with relevant legislation. This integration allows users to navigate seamlessly between regulatory instruments and associated laws, ensuring a holistic understanding of the compliance requirements. By streamlining this process, Sabinet enables businesses to efficiently interpret and apply regulatory changes, reducing the risk of operational breakdowns and non-compliance.

Stay informed with updates and amendments:

Staying up to date with legislative changes is crucial for businesses to maintain compliance. Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments provides users with weekly newsletters, updates, and amendments, ensuring they are always aware of the latest regulatory developments. The subscription includes both HTML and PDF versions, allowing users to access and review information in their preferred format.

Time and effort:  

By providing a centralised platform for accessing regulatory instruments, Sabinet eliminates the need to search multiple sources, saving valuable time and effort.

Staying compliant with legislation changes is crucial for businesses to avoid operational breakdowns and compliance risks. With Sabinet Financial Regulatory Instruments, businesses can confidently adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and focus on their core operations while reducing compliance-related risks.

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