Contract automation and creation

Slash contract creation time by at least 80%.

How can we help you?

Our powerful intelligent contract creation framework enables you to generate bespoke and compliant contracts with confidence.

  • Industry-leading document assembly technology
  • No complex templates that you still need to figure out. Just fill in your information and we'll get right on it.
  • Smart contract creation technology
  • Our algorithms change and adapt the questions and the document itself in real-time. Only the applicable clauses will be inserted in your document.
  • Collaborate
  • Invite your colleagues and work together on documents. You can even specify who is allowed to make billable transactions.

Document Comparison and Approval Workflows

Get more done with less effort.

Streamline your document approvals

With the use of powerful document comparison technology see a side-by-side comparison of exactly which changes were made.

  • Changes highlighted and displayed side by side
  • By highlighting every change and displaying them side by side makes for a powerfully simple viewing experience.
  • Centralised approval workflow
  • Get contracts approved at scale from one unified workspace.
  • All integrated to work together
  • From document creation to approval and signage. They're all linked together to work seamlessly.

Electronic signatures

Do business anytime anywhere.

Always improving

Our specialists are constantly iterating through our offering, ensuring you get the best quality documents.

  • Legally binding electronic signatures
  • Getting relevant parties to print documents, sign and scan them back in can be a frustrating process. Instead, make the signing process more convenient with our easy to use electronic signature solution.
  • Always in the loop
  • See your documents progress through the signature process with status notifications that keep you in the loop throughout.
  • Audit trail
  • Each document has a comprehensive log of each parties' name, email address, IP address and a record of the day and time of all activity that occurred

Contract Lifecycle Management

Never miss a key date

All your documents in one place

It's easy to forget important items if not stored correctly.

  • Contract lifecycle management
  • You may have an awesome contract but you still need to keep an eye on important dates! We are here to help. With key date reminders, tagging and document filtering you can stay on top of your contracts.
  • AI Smart Search Technology
  • Looking for that one document, but you can only remember the persons name? Search across all your documents and info, and even into scanned PDF files.
  • Security
  • All your contacts are stored on a secure state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 certified server with ISO 27001 certification. We know that is a mouth full but your data is important and we do not compromise on security.