Patent pending: Golf practice tool invented by young entrepreneur during Covid-19 lockdown

17 Jul 2020

A 13-year old boy from Bultfontein invented a simple golf practice tool during COVID-19 lockdown measures for golfers to use at home, and a provisional patent application has been prepared and filed pro bono by specialist patent attorneys. Jedri Janse van Rensburg is a budding entrepreneur and the COVID-19 lockdown has brought out his creative juices and this was noticed by KISCH IP attorneys.

“I first read about Jedri in March at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown. He had invented a hand sanitiser foot pump and we offered to provide IP protection for the invention,” says Jaco Theunissen, Head of the Patent Department and Director at KISCH IP, a firm that specialises in securing protection for intellectual property (IP).

“Unfortunately, it was not possible to pursue patent protection for this product because similar products were already in existence. I then became aware of the golf practice tool he had invented.”

Jedri said he realised that golfers couldn’t practice effectively at home because driving ranges and golf courses were closed. It is also difficult to practice in most suburban yards, and although other products were available to practice golf at home, these products restrict freedom of movement as they do not provide the satisfaction of a full force 360-degree golf swing.

He first fastened a ball to some rope and attached it to a peg in the ground, but the peg was dislodged because of the force of the golf swing. An elastic, a strap and a counter-weight was then used instead, which absorbed the force of the swing and the two golf balls balanced each other out. The tool then worked perfectly.

Interestingly golfers who were using other tools to practice couldn’t follow the trajectory of the ball. With this tool they can see if they are hitting their drives straight and in the intended direction. Another advantage is that the tool, being a few metres in length, provides golfers with the ability to line up their shots, and to follow through their shots in the intended direction.

“This creation by young Jedri satisfies the requirements of patentability, by providing a novel and inventive solution. Hence it was a perfect candidate for a provisional patent application and wonderful that we could assist him. Once the patent is granted, he will enjoy exclusivity of this invention for a period of 20 years.

“The golf tool shows a great understanding at a young age of the laws of physics, which many people struggle to master later in their lives, if ever. At KISCH IP we feel strongly about protecting the IP of young innovators by providing professional assistance to set them on the path to become greater inventors. By doing so we hope to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in other youths.

“We are extremely proud to be associated with Jedri, and are expecting big things from him. Who knows, perhaps he will be hitting the first golf ball on Mars,” comments Theunissen.

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