How the legal ombud fights for your rights

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05 May 2023

You have the right to access legal services and advice, but it can be difficult to know where to find help. The Legal Ombud is here for you, and they fight for your rights by providing free advocacy that ensures fairness in all matters of law. Working with experienced lawyers, the Legal Ombud offers a range of services, including guidance on resolving conflicts through arbitration or mediation and assistance in completing paperwork like court forms and applications for financial aid.

Understanding Legal Ombud’s Role

As you learn about the Legal Ombud’s role in fighting for your rights, it’s vital to recognise that they work tirelessly to ensure fair treatment and justice on behalf of citizens. Minister Lamola has identified several widespread issues within the legal profession, such as when lawyers exploit clients’ Road Accident Fund payouts or engage in dishonest practices with their peers at their client’s expense. As an autonomous organization under Godfrey Ramoroka’s leadership (Head of Legal and Investigation), no one can influence the Office of the Legal Ombud.

Key objectives include conducting thorough investigations into complaints against attorneys while upholding elevated ethical standards throughout all steps involved. When lodging a complaint through various means such as phone calls, emails, or social media channels, each case undergoes rigorous evaluation by assessment offices before determining its merit. A valid complaint resulting from this process enters investigative stages performed by specialised professionals who then submit findings to an internal review panel known as an ‘evaluation committee.’

The ultimate goal is to ensure accountability among legal practitioners. This can be done through mediation, negotiation, or conciliation sessions should any disputes arise during proceedings involving accused law practitioners.

Steps Involved in Filing a Complaint with The Legal Ombud

To begin the process of filing a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman, you can choose between contacting them via phone, email, or social media. Upon receiving your complaint, it will be directed to an assessment office responsible for allocating and reviewing files according to their mandate. The primary goal at this stage is determining if there’s merit in pursuing further action on your case.

Following the evaluation and verification of merits by skilled professionals within the legal ombudsman team, they will decide if an investigation should move forward or not based on the evidence provided. If deemed necessary through a thorough examination, one can expect swift progression toward resolution, whether that entails mediation, negotiation, or conciliation among involved parties. Otherwise, guidance pertaining to alternative courses might prove advantageous instead since available options allow clients to explore various avenues seeking justice and satisfaction alike.

As part of its ongoing mission to ensure high standards of integrity and transparency throughout the entire industry, once a viable course is established, pertinent information is sent to a special committee tasked with decision-making. Their objective is to discern the best approach for a particular situation, choosing an appropriate method for resolving disputes without undue delay or unnecessary costs incurred by all participating individuals!

The Legal Ombud fights on your behalf, helping you access justice when something affects the legal services promised to you. They act as a mediator between clients and lawyers.

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