Five reasons to study law

study law
05 Mar 2018

Monash South Africa shares five reasons why you should consider studying law:

1. Law degrees combine theory with practice

A lot of theory goes into studying law, but law is also a fairly defined profession and the teaching thereof must also be vocational in nature. Some universities and tertiary education institutions have mock courtrooms and run moot court assignments, allowing students a first-hand experience of what practicing law is really like.

2. Law and case-based learning go together

Even when learning the theory, law students will spend a lot of time working through and researching cases. Law schools and law programmes at universities use real-life examples to demonstrate how the theory is applied. By working with real cases, students are able to understand how the law works together with real-life application.

3. Studying law equips students with a variety of skills

Learning to become a lawyer rather neatly means you’ll graduate from your studies equipped with the skills for a whole host of professional paths. Some of those skills include: Research; Critical analysis; Synthesis of complex ideas; Presentation and Writing.

4. Law graduates are well respected

The variety of skills provided by a law degree puts these types of graduates at the forefront of employers’ minds. Adding to this, law is one of the world’s oldest fields of study, professions and human endeavour.

5. Law students can look forward to good graduate prospects

Law students have a great chance of getting a job or internship straight out of university and completing their studies. While a large percentage of law graduates will go on to practise law, many others study Law just because it’s a prestigious degree which opens a vista of other occupations. You generally have to be a higher calibre of student to get into a law degree, so it already marks you as a good prospect for recruiters.

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