DocFox and AJS have teamed up to simplify Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) compliance for law firms

DocFox & AJS Integraion Webinar
28 Jun 2023

DocFox & AJS understand that in your practice, every hour counts, and so spending a huge amount of time on FICA compliance can be costly. The DocFox & AJS integration was created to automate your KYC (Know Your Customer) and FICA process and enables you to be fully FICA compliant.

Join this FREE online webinar on 13 July at 10:00 for a practical demonstration of the integration and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Topics to be discussed:

  • An introduction to the DocFox & AJS integration
  • A live demonstration to understand exactly how the integration works
  • Licensing requirements
  • Q&A for all your DocFox & AJS integration questions

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Alicia Koch
Owner and Founder, The Legal Belletrist
Alicia is an admitted attorney with almost 15 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE). She has worked in various capacities such as law firms, consulting companies and as an in-house legal counsel and head of legal for several global and local institutions. Her passion has always been in research, to unravel the underlying reasons behind a topic. Her flair for writing extends to various forms of written content, including articles and blog posts. Alicia is highly skilled in the art of wordsmithing and considers herself fortunate to pursue her passion for research and writing.

Tertia Barrett
Sales Director, DocFox
Tertia is passionate about engaging with people and moving business forward through smart technology. With over 20 years’ experience in the B2B SaaS environment, working in a variety of highly competitive and fast-paced industries, Tertia has become accustomed to easily identifying and solving business issues and processes through the use of technology.

Louis van Wyk
QA Coordinator, AJS
Louis van Wyk is a seasoned professional who has been with AJS for 17 years, starting as a support consultant and moving into training. He oversaw clients’ education and support in legal accounting, document automation, and work-flow management. As QA Coordinator, Louis ensures error-free software by developing test plans, managing bugs and releases, liaising with various teams, and automating tests. Louis’s keen eye for detail and multitasking abilities make him an asset. He excels in client relationship management, research and development, and data analysis.

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