Corporate and commercial lawyers: A brief rundown

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26 Mar 2024

Corporate and commercial lawyers can provide businesses and organisations with a number of advantages. The main goal of consulting a commercial or corporate lawyer is to protect the property and interests of a business or organisation against any business crippling threats. Corporate and commercial law are closely connected to one another; however, they should not be confused with one another. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the two, and when to obtain the services of corporate and commercial lawyers.

Commercial lawyers in South Africa

Commercial lawyers deal with individuals and entities within the business world. They can assist in business transactions, franchising, intellectual property (trade marks, copyright, etc), sales, hiring, and other facets of law that are applicable in business. This requires a commercial lawyer to be knowledgeable and proficient in a multitude of different legal fields and practices. Some of the services provided by a commercial lawyer include:

  • Drafting legal documents such as sale agreements, lease agreements, partnership agreements, and more.
  • Overseeing negotiations with other businesses.
  • Identifying potential legal concerns that a business might encounter.
  • Acting as a business’ legal representation should legal troubles come to light and working towards solving those issues before the matter in question is referred to court.
  • Ensuring that a business remains compliant with the regulatory standards set up for businesses.

Corporate lawyers in South Africa

Corporate lawyers handle transactions involving companies and other corporate entities and typically focus on the governance and structure of companies. These transactions can include mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate finance and corporate structuring. Just as with commercial lawyers, corporate lawyers must have a broad skill set, allowing them to ensure that multi-national corporations have the needed expertise to succeed at negotiations and are aware of the legal liabilities present.

Corporate and commercial lawyer: When to consult one

It is advisable for businesses and organisations to employ the services of a corporate or commercial lawyer from the inception of a company. This will ensure that any legal issues that could arise are dealt with immediately and effectively.

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