Ruan Dickinson

Ruan Dickinson is an attorney in KISCH IP's Trade Mark Department. He specialises in trade mark prosecution, queries and administration.

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computer program
Do you even code, bro? – Ownership of computer programs

It is a beautiful Monday morning and you are on your way to work. You stop at your local coffee shop for your caffeine fix and witness the barista struggling to move a 2kg bag of medium roasted Brazilian coffee beans. Without hesitating you ask the barista: “do you even…

motion mark
So you think you can move? – Trade marks in motion

In the not too distant future, brands will come to life in that the golden arches of McDonalds will probably be in hologram format or will have some flickering or other motion effect. The well-known Facebook logo will incorporate a futuristic motion together with …

Can you trust FaceApp with your face?

Over 150 million people worldwide recently downloaded the very popular FaceApp after Hollywood celebrities started posting images of their edited faces in a social media...

Any craft in your craft beer?

In almost all industries there are certification processes to ensure that goods and services are of a high quality. Certification marks are applied to products...
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