Martin Kotze

Martin Kotze has been a practising attorney, conveyancer and notary public for more than 10 years. He began his academic pursuit with a degree in business, where he dived deep into business and financial management. It wasn't just numbers and profit margins; it was about understanding the intricacies of decision-making and the art of managing resources. But something still felt amiss. He was drawn towards law.

Thus, Martin embarked on his legal journey. Litigation was his first stop. With its adversarial setting and high stakes, litigation was something he enjoyed. But as with all things, Martin's interests evolved. He transitioned to transactional work and started specialising in real estate transactions and mergers and acquisitions.

But there was another frontier beckoning. Technology.

Technology was more than just a tool for Martin. It was a passion. Merging his legal background with this interest, Martin delved into technology, with his primary focus for the last couple of years being technology contracts and M&A work within the technology space.

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