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Braving Boundaries provides bespoke coaching and training specifically for legal professionals, designed by a legal professional.

Frieda Levycky, Founder of Braving Boundaries, has been (and still remains) a practising English solicitor for over 15 years. She has lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore and Japan, and has navigated her way through the legal world from trainee to in-house counsel to partner. She now runs an international practice from her home in Cape Town. She became a coach to provide a safe place for legal professionals to talk about their professional and personal issues with someone who understands their world; issues they struggle to discuss with anyone else.

“Being a lawyer is tough. It’s a challenging job with long hours, complicated work and demanding clients, in a work environment that isn’t always the friendliest. I know all too well how often work spills over into your personal life. Sometimes it feels like you have to choose. Successful career or a successful life? But it doesn’t have to be that way. You really can have it all.”

The focus of Braving Boundaries is two-fold:

The primary focus is providing one-on-one coaching to individual legal professionals at all levels (partner, associate, in-house counsel, trainee, legal secretary, business development team); empowering them to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life by establishing balance between the professional and the personal.

The secondary focus is providing workshops / presentations (online and in person) to law firms and corporates on topics such as mental health awareness, the importance of work life balance, establishing boundaries, and the more delicate issues faced by the legal world such as workplace ostracism, imposter syndrome, bullying, workplace relationships, etc.

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