Commission commemorates World Competition Day

world competition day
07 Dec 2023

The Competition Commission (Commission) on Tuesday, 5 December 2023, recognised World Competition Day by highlighting its continued efforts to promote a growing, deconcentrated and inclusive economy.

Commemorated by competition authorities across the globe, World Competition Day presents an opportunity for the Commission to reflect on the impact of its work in the past year including the role of the Commission in finalising the AfCFTA Competition Policy Protocol, the remedial actions of the Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry (OIPMI), and the ongoing Fresh Produce Market Inquiry (FPMI) that seeks to understand if there are any competition factors prohibiting the wider participation of emerging farmers in the market. This year’s theme, ‘Prioritising Socially Sensitive Sectors’, aligns with the Commission’s mandate and research conducted into the essential food market, and challenges that women entrepreneurs encounter in their pursuit of entering and effectively participating in markets.

In recognition of the 14th World Competition Day, Commission leadership engaged in various conversations with the media to reflect on the Commission’s work this past year and its continued prioritisation of socially sensitive sectors that will foster an inclusive and deconcentrated economy in South Africa.

Members of the media may contact the Commission’s Spokesperson, Siyabulela Makunga, for interview requests and more information.


5 December is a significant day in the calendar for the international competition community. On 5 December 1980, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Set of Multilateral Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices (UN Set on Competition Policy).

Article sourced from The Competition Commission of South Africa.

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