Are witness signatures required on a contract or agreement of sale?

witness signatures
09 May 2024

In the realm of legal agreements, the necessity of witness signatures on contracts or agreements of sale is a common question. Often, there’s ambiguity surrounding whether such witnesses are legally mandated. Particularly in the context of electronic signatures, the issue gains prominence as physical presence becomes irrelevant.

Summary of the law

Legally, there isn’t a strict requirement for witnesses to sign contracts or agreements of sale. However, witness signatures hold significant evidentiary value. They provide assurance and authentication, especially in scenarios where a party disputes their signature. A witness can confirm the authenticity of a signature, thereby bolstering the agreement’s integrity.

For witnesses to be effective, certain conditions must be met. The contracting party must sign in the presence of the witness, and the witness’s identification and contact details must be ascertainable. Financial institutions, often pivotal in such transactions, may insist on witness signatures to validate agreements before considering financial applications.


While not mandated by law, it’s advisable that contracts or agreements of sale be signed before identifiable witnesses. This practice enhances accountability and reduces the likelihood of disputes. In instances of electronic signatures, where physical presence is absent, alternative methods of witness confirmation should be explored. Moreover, any alterations or amendments to the agreement should be acknowledged by all parties and witnesses, pre-empting future conflicts.

In essence, while witness signatures aren’t legally obligatory, their inclusion fortifies the credibility of agreements. Therefore, it’s recommended that parties incorporate witness signatures, ensuring transparency and reliability in contractual dealings.

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