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07 Jun 2021

Tax disputes can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if an objection has been disallowed and the taxpayer needs to go on appeal. Taxpayers’ frustrations with the tax dispute process are often exacerbated when a taxpayer lodges an appeal, only for SARS to concede during the appeal process that they were wrong all along. This often amounts to wasted time and costs for taxpayers.

According to a recent report by the Tax Ombud, SARS conceded to at least 70% of appeals over the period investigated.

On Thursday, 10 June, LexisNexis South Africa will host a webinar on the topic, Tax Disputes: How to reduce time and cost of appeal. The session is accredited by the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) and members will receive one CPD point for attending.

In this webinar, Nico Theron, founder of Unicus Tax Specialists SA and author of the Practical Guide To Handling Tax Disputes, will discuss a recent unreported tax court case where in lieu of noting appeal, the tax consultant effectively eliminated the cost of an appeal for the taxpayer resulting in speedy resolution of the case.

In addition, he will give a brief overview of the rules governing reasons for assessment, objection, outcome of objection and appeal in tax disputes and address a major issue highlighted in the Tax Ombud’s report regarding tax disputes.

Click here to reserve your space for the webinar, Tax Disputes: How to reduce time and cost of appeal, on 10 June 2021 from 10h00 – 11h30.

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