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Is your estate in order?

Planning for the future is the best gift you can give your family We are all going to die one day. Although most of us avoid thinking about it, planning now for the scary, but inevitable event of your death will make things much easier for your family. Making sure you have…
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What is a usufruct?

The English word usufruct derives from the Latin roots usus and fructus, from verbs meaning to possess and to have the benefit of, respectively. A usufruct...

The recent Bwanya case

The right of a surviving life partner in a permanent opposite-sex life partnership to inherit or claim maintenance The recent Constitutional Court judgment of Bwanya v The...
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Eviction order

In Davidan v Polovin NO and Others [2021] 4 All SA 37 (SCA) right of occupation and nature of necessary consent in terms of the Prevention of Illegal...

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