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MACH Architecture
Understanding tech buzzwords like MACH Architecture

In today’s world we all need to be digitally advanced. And fast. There’s no room for outdated technologies that take up space but don’t pay rent. There just isn’t time for lagging behind competitors, behind hashtags and behind prospective new clients. Businesses…
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edge computing
Understanding tech buzzwords like edge computing

In today’s world, everything happens at warp speed. Calls, emails and WhatsApps are sent back and forth, documents are shared, images are shared, information is shared. Data is shared. All at eye-watering rates. We are all so connected, whether in our personal lives…
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Uptime SLAs explained

Meet Derick, in-house legal counsel for Vector AI, a rapidly growing tech company. Derick is your one-person legal team – always with a coffee mug in...

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