Sports, arts and culture Covid-19 Directions amended

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20 Oct 2021

The sports, arts and culture department published the amended Directions in Government Gazette 45329 in terms of Disaster Management Act Regulations.

A definition on bio-safe environment is inserted.

It means a “safe and secure environment that can only be accessed by a certain set of people who have tested negative for COVID-19 to minimise the risk of transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another during the course of the event”.

Direction 2 stipulates that compliance officers of a sport or recreational body must submit a bio-safe environmental proposal within 72 hours of the date of publication to the department.

If satisfied, the department will issue a compliance letter.

Regulation 69(1) on Gatherings outlines protocols to be followed when attending a gathering; calls on owners or operators of any indoor or outdoor facility to display certificates of occupancy and sets down permitted numbers for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

New subregulations (10) (11) and (12) to Regulation 69 stipulate that spectators at sports events are allowed but limited to 750 indoors and 2000 outdoors and, if the venue is too small to accommodate the numbers without adequate social distancing, then not more than 50% of the capacity of the venue can be used.

Paragraph 6D on Control Measures stipulates that alcohol may not be consumed at all sporting events including parks and sports bodies must adjust the resumption time of matches to comply with the cutoff time of 00h00.

Paragraph 6J on Concerts and Entertainment Events is deleted.

The amended Directions came into effect on the date of publication.

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