Sabinet African Journals: A powerful, new platform for a fast-growing collection

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10 Mar 2021

Sabinet is pleased to announce the migration of Sabinet African Journals ( to a new powerful technology platform. With this move to Atypon’s Literatum online publishing and website development platform, Sabinet strengthens the technology upon which this world-renowned African research rests.

An international platform for an African knowledge base

Internationally recognised for the feature set it offers, the Atypon platform enables Sabinet African Journals to get mission-critical content into the hands of the practitioners and researchers who need it most.

“As interest in the African continent and its research output continues to grow, Sabinet’s investment in a new technology platform becomes a natural next step for Sabinet African Journals,” says Rosalind Hattingh, Managing Director at Sabinet.

By upgrading the ‘base’ of Sabinet African Journals, we are confident that this will increase the visibility of African research and further empower researchers through enhanced access and features.

“It’s a privilege to welcome such a highly respected journal aggregator to the Literatum community,” said Marty Picco, Atypon’s General Manager. “Sabinet’s 500+ journals share African research with the rest of the world. Literatum will help Sabinet readers by making it easier to discover the right content and by providing a more enjoyable and productive user experience.”

To learn more about the Sabinet African Journals, click here.

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