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02 Mar 2020

For most businesses, strategy is underpinned by maximum return on investment with minimum associated costs. Reducing operating costs has a direct impact on profitability. It is therefore important to understand what really adds value in your organisation and what could make your business more efficient.

Most organisations will agree that aligning cost to strategy and investing in credible expertise, combined with savvy technology, is vital to remaining successful and sustainable. Through tightening up processes and procedures, businesses can significantly reduce waste in both resources and time.

Sabinet enables access to credible sources of online information for lifelong learning and discovery by combining a customer-centric culture with robust technology. It offers the current business landscape the technology and innovation needed to cut through complexity and transform operational capabilities.

One of the many useful solutions offered is a Customised Monitoring Services. Businesses can rely on trusted sources with credible and unbiased updates of government policies and legislative developments. With specific profiled prerequisites, the Monitoring Service offers a consistent early warning service for policy and legislative movements in strategic industries.

Who Benefits from Sabinet Monitoring Services?

  1. People in the Legal Field
    Logically, if you are to offer sound legal advice, you have to keep abreast of the current state of policies and the law through monitoring legislation. Our legal monitoring services allow you to just this, removing the stress of having to obtain your information from multiple sources. With Sabinet, the latest happenings in the legal environment can potentially appear in your email inbox moments after they occur.
  2. Businesses with Legal Restrictions
    If you own a business that operates within stringent legal boundaries, you need to be aware of any changes which may affect the way you run your business. Fortunately, with our service, you can set a filter to only receive information pertinent to your industry.
  3. Legal Reporters and Journalists
    It is necessary for those writing about changes in South Africa’s policies and legislation to be privy to those changes as they occur. But, notifications of these changes are not always handed down on a platter. With this in mind, it is far easier to have a constant feed of collated information coming from a reliable source, which is exactly the service offered by our monitoring process.
  4. Sabinet is the Only Source You Need
    Our monitoring services extract data from a wide variety of sources and offer it to you in a simple, easy-to-follow medium. This makes us the only source you need in order to keep abreast of policy and legislative progress.

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