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22 Aug 2017

As a steward of information both coming into South Africa, and traveling from Africa to the world, Sabinet makes continual commitments to furthering education, and offering the African information market the best resources for research. It is no surprise that the Sabinet African ePublications (SA ePublications) service aims to provide the world with valuable information that is locally applicable and internationally valuable.

The African continent is developing at an incredible pace, which provides a treasure-trove of information on current markets, trends and industries that are only beginning to take root throughout the continent. Since 2001 the SA ePublications service has provided the world with access to the largest collection of comprehensive, searchable full-text African electronic journals available on one platform.

This collection of information either pertains to, or originates from the continent of Africa. As a result, the SA ePublications service both provides a platform for African publication, and establishes a firm groundwork for Africa’s information to travel the world.

When international businesses and governmental initiatives require research for their innovative changes and ventures, Sabinet provides this information across multiple industries. It is paramount that the most succinct and up to date information is available to any institution that may need it. Sabinet aims to make this platform accessible to anyone or any business in need of professional, peer-reviewed articles and journals.

What’s more, Sabinet has partnered with academic institutions to offer this information to scholars who are starting out their own professional journey and also geared to the professional sector. In fact, one cannot be successful without a firm basis of knowledge. With Sabinet; success, education and professional information are the truest path to future success.

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