Rules on Labour Appeal Court set down

labour appeal court
08 May 2024

Rules regulating the conduct of proceedings of the Labour Appeal Court have been set down.

The office of the chief justice published the rules in Government Gazette 50608.

Included in the rules are sittings of the court; registrar’s office; petitions for leave to appeal; cross appeal; procedure on appeal; urgent appeals; powers of attorney; submissions by an amicus curiae; date of hearing; heads of argument; practice note; powers of the judge president; failure to appear at an appeal hearing; Labour Appeal Court sitting as a court of first instance in terms of section 175 of the act; general; appeals from the defence special tribunal; costs and fees; and media access to proceedings.

Rules regulating the conduct of proceedings of the Labour Court have also been set down.

The rules focus on the court, service and filing of process, sittings, dress and modes of address; referrals for adjudication; motion proceedings; general rules applicable to referrals for adjudication, motion proceedings and appeals to the court; appeals; and general provisions.

The rules will come into effect on dates to be announced.

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