What are the requirements for a Portuguese Golden Visa?

Golden Visa
18 Jul 2019

What is the Portuguese Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is a type of residence visa with added benefits, offered by several European countries including Portugal. It is an investment scheme that ensures visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to non-European investors and their families.

Why get a Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa Programme boasts an extensive list of benefits ranging from financial gains to the freedom of visa-free travel that a real estate investment in Portugal offers non-European investors. In order to inspire you further, below we have collected some key points, brought up during our experience with International investors.

How to get a Golden Visa?

Contact us, we are here to help investors obtain a Golden Visa through a real estate or general investment that will grant them a permanent European residence permit.

Investments eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa

Property Acquisition

Purchase a property worth at least 500,000€ (€400,000 in (low density area))
Purchase a property worth at least 350,00€ (refurbishment or specific rehabilitation areas)

Capital Contributions

Invest at least 350,000€ in an investment fund
Transfer 1,000,000€ to a Portuguese bank account
Invest at least 350,000€ in scientific research

Business Creation

Create at least 10 new jobs.
Invest at least 350,000k€ as share capital of a company registered in Portugal
(we offer an end-to-end service)

Benefits of the Portuguese Golden Visa Travel freely in the EU

  • Live, work and study in Portugal
  • Portuguese passport within 5 years
  • Low physical presence requirement (only 7 days/year)
  • Attractive taxation system
  • Highly competitive return on investment
  • Extended residence to family members
  • Option to become a “non-habitual resident” of Portugal for tax purposes, thereby paying little or no tax for at least 10 years.

Why Portugal?

  • Member of EU and Schengen area
  • One of the fastest growing economies in Europe
  • One of the safest countries in the world
  • Tourism revenue growth of 8.7% per year
  • 300 educational institutions and universities
  • Premium and free health care network
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