A Reasonable Man – Essays in honour of Jonathan Burchell

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05 Dec 2019

About this publication:

A Reasonable Man: Essays in honour of Jonathan Burchell is a collection of essays published in honour of Jonathan Burchell in recognition of his commitment to the academe and his strong sense of loyalty to the institutions in which he has worked, particularly to students and colleagues. The breadth and impact of his research in the fields of both delict and criminal justice are attested to by the esteemed multidisciplinary scholars who contributed to this work.

Contents include:

  • Personal tributes
    • Tribute – Andrew Ashworth
    • A tribute to Jonathan Burchell – Daniel Visser
  • Overview of published work
    • The publications – Shannon Hoctor
  • Essays
    • About ‘donderse lesbians’ and ‘damn moffies’: Jonathan Burchell’s contribution to reason in the law of defamation – Edwin Cameron
    • Defamation, reputation and respect – Anton Fagan
    • Criminal law: Art or science; creation or discovery? – Andrew Paizes
    • Do we have a constitutional theory of criminal liability? – PJ Schwikkard
    • Clarity, consistency and community convictions: Understanding the defence of consent in South African criminal law – Jameelah Omar
    • Assessing the de minimis non curat lex defence in South African criminal law – Shannon Hoctor
    • The marital rape exception in India: A denial of Indian women’s equality guarantee – Managay Reddi
    • The public violence stance on disruptive but non-violent protests – Khulekani Khumalo
    • Sub judice in South African criminal law: What remains, and should it? Reflections in the aftermath of the Pistorius trial – Kelly Phelps
    • Double jeopardy in South African law: The autrefois pleas and their potency – Boyane Tshehla and Clement Marumoagae
    • Regional models for cooperation against the traffic in drugs: A comparison of European, South Pacific and African approaches – Neil Boister
    • The integration of ANC and PAC cadres (non-statutory forces) into the South African Police Service, 1994-1996: Facets and fault lines – Elrena van der Spuy
    • How important are the purposes of punishment for the practice of sentencing? – Stephan Terblanche
    • Excluding gamblers from licensed casinos: Requirements and consequences in the South African law – Marita Carnelley

Of interest and benefit to:

  • Criminal law practitioners
  • General practitioners who deal with delict
  • Law academics and students
  • Researchers

General information:

  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication date: 31 October 2019
  • Managing editors: P J Schwikkard and S V Hoctor
  • Format: Hard cover
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978 1 48513 478 7
  • Extent: 320 pages
  • Retail price: R650
    Price includes 15% VAT and is valid until 31 December 2019.
    Excludes courier delivery.

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