RM Tucker Attorneys

RM Tucker Attorneys

RM Tucker Attorneys offers a client-centric and solutions-driven approach to legal services.

We endeavour to understand our clients and their businesses, so that we can better appreciate their needs and requirements and therefore provide superior legal services. We provide sound and professional legal services in a client-friendly manner.

Our founder, Ryan Tucker, practises in areas of law that interest him and that he enjoys. A genuine enthusiasm for these areas allows for more detailed involvement and assessment of the client’s matter, which in turn leads to better results.  A “creative” himself, Ryan understands the legal and business landscape from the client’s perspective, giving him keen insight into the context of the client’s matter.

RM Tucker Attorneys aims to uphold the highest level of professionalism, integrity and ethics.

Ryan believes that law is also about the artisan experience; about the creativity – which is why his firm offers individualised attention and solutions-driven advice, combined with a strategic edge.

Among the credentials that give Ryan’s parents boasting rights at family functions are the following:

  • Member of the South African Institute of Intellectual Property (SAIIPL)
  • Member of SAIIPL’s Trade Mark Committee
  • Member of SAIIPL’s Copyright Committee
  • Board Member of the Licensing Executive Society
  • Published contributor to many academic, industry and other publications

The soundtrack to Ryan’s life is not just the jazz of justice, for he is a keen drummer who studied music at Rimon College, an affiliate of Berklee Music College in Boston, USA. He’s also all about the rhythm of soccer (Liverpudlian for life!) as well as the latest genetics and biotech geekery – a throwback to his undergrad BSc in Genetics, Developental Biology, Microbiology & Biotechnology.

Whether it is the canon and cadence of legal protection or the tone and timbre of IP registration, enforcement and commercialisation, Ryan is committed to the law, the music and the space between.