GoLegal Press Office Service

Increase brand awareness, generate traffic, showcase your expertise and grow your digital footprint!

GoLegal works with you to make the most of your content.

By publishing articles through GoLegal’s press office, you increase awareness around your brand, keeping it top of mind and top of searches. Our wide reach and extensive user base means your content attracts clients and adds credibility to your expertise.

When you sign up, you will be provided with your own microsite to promote your business, detail the services offered, and display a fully-fledged newsroom and central hub for all your published content.

Cross Promotion: The more readers see, the more they’ll find

Our site is designed to strategically promote your business and put a spotlight on your specific areas of expertise. As you continue to publish more, and grow your newsroom, you’ll see your viewership and potential client-base grow.

It’s an environment built for specialised information sharing to thrive.

Set Up Your Press Office
(2 minute setup time)

What you get with our Press Office service

Cross promotion to attract readers to more of your content

Your profile is only valuable if the right people see it and this is where GoLegal excels. Our site is designed to strategically promote your business on relevant parts of the site in order to drive traffic to your profile page.

If you publish Commercial & Corporate Law content, when a reader navigates to that topic, your business will be listed as an expert in that field.

If you publish a family law article, your company will be promoted on other family law articles to drive readers to your profile.

Profile page

A GoLegal profile is a dedicated page for your business on the GoLegal website. The profile page displays your:

    • Logo
    • Full width banner
    • Company overview
    • Services
    • Contact details
    • Links to your articles
    • And any other information.

Newsroom facility

An online publishing service for your news, PR and other legal content.

    • We will publish up to 10 of your articles per month (subject to editorial discretion).
    • Articles display on our home page, on relevant topic pages, on your profile page, and are often shared on social media and on our newsletter/s.

Author information

GoLegal brings experts to the forefront, showcasing the authors for each article.

Each author has a full biography and profile page, linking to all of their articles.

Branded content that promotes your business

Each article is accompanied by:

    • Company Logo
    • Short company description
    • Links to related articles by the company
    • Link to the company’s profile


All packages include up to 10 articles and 10 announcements per month. See full brochure with pricing.