Systemise your life!

Systemise your life!
17 Aug 2021

When one thinks of a technologically advanced system, images of the Porsche 911 Turbo S come to mind, with a 478kW/650 PS that can accelerate from 0 – 100 km/hr in 2.7 seconds and achieve a top speed of 330km/h.

Supercar or Formula 1 drivers have an intricate knowledge of their vehicles and their design. They also know when something goes wrong with the mechanics of their vehicles and they know how to fix it. They are experts in the systems and mechanics of their machines.

Just like Supercar or Formula 1 drivers, attorneys are also experts in their own fields. They too have an intricate knowledge of their systems and their practices. And for the most part they know how to ‘fix it’ by documenting their day-to-day activities to optimise their practice.

Despite being experts in their fields, attorneys need help too. Like the Porsche, an attorney’s practice is also made up of a system. According to Cyrièle Piancastelli in the article Everything is a system, a system is a group of components that seamlessly interact with one another. When the components interact, their interaction affects the behaviour of the entire system. And this interaction depends directly on both the individual components as well as how they interact. If an anomaly arises, it is a symptom of an altered state of the system. During this ‘altered state of a system’, it is important to remember that there is a back stop.

When an attorney’s practice is not running optimally and is also going through its own ‘altered state’, AJS can step in and fix the anomaly in your system. We can assist in automating the components within your practice and build the system or document the system in order to build it.

Documenting your business

A system in an attorney’s practice refers to the documentation of tasks that take place on a day-to-day basis and may look very different for different businesses. Using technology to build tools around your systems will enable you to run your law practice just like Porsche’s Zuffenhausen factory in Stuttgart with its seamless, well organised and optimised manufacturing system.

Most businesses are made up of a series of departments that make up the overall business system for the achievement of a goal or objective. We often create a series of goals but forget to focus on how we go about achieving those goals.

It’s easy – the ‘how’ is the system and the components of that system range from the actual systems to the people. How will you create a law practice that operates ‘come what may’? There needs to be a systematic process to improve how you run your practice and innovate as often as possible, crucial in today’s times. Read our article The Best of Both Worlds Awaits).

But what can having your entire practice documented and reduced to a system really do for you? It can help you unlock key areas in your business that you have not unlocked yet and it can help you accomplish great things.

Systems for everything

Once you have a well organised and operational practice management system in place, members of your team will need to apply their mind to the system itself, rather than lagging behind or relying on one person to get them up to speed.

Some things are obvious, like simple accounting software. Then there are the more complicated tasks, like tracking time and creating fees (like a built-in timer at the bottom of your screen that can be started and paused as you are working), uploading and preparing documents, managing tasks and staying on top of everything happening in your practice by means of a notification.

In addition, you can have a system and a process for everything. Some practice management software will be heavily detailed, while others will provide only a framework. You can start simply and build on your system as you go along. If you focus on systemising and optimising your systems, it will inevitably result in the efficiency of your business.

Having a digital world working well for you will align with your overall future thinking and constant innovation to achieve a business that runs smoothly, securing wins for your clients and delivering the things that matter the most to your practice. After all, aren’t those the requirements in the new normal?

As Scott Miker puts it, “However you design systems to achieve things in your life is up to you. Match up the system with your goals and what you are willing to do”.

Each practice will document its practice and systemise the way it operates, it is not a one size fits all approach.

Where does AJS fit into all of this?

We have worked tirelessly on our service offerings and are extremely proud of what they can achieve, which is best in class.

(For a reminder of our amazing updates read our article Remind Me).

AJS Enterprise is a powerful, scalable and flexible accounting and business management software system that can be molded to meet your practice’s specific needs.

Once your practice has been documented, with the use of AJS FLOW, (a powerful system that automates repetitive processes and increases throughput by improving control) we can design and/or build your system in a way that works best for you. Not randomised or fitted with the things that you don’t need but designed to suit you and accessed from anywhere on almost any device via the Cloud.

But remember – everyone is different. Therefore the design and optimisation of business systems and software should be too.

It is one thing paying lip service to scalability and promising you a system that is tailor made just for you. And it is an entirely different experience getting behind the wheel of your “made to order” Porsche 911 Turbo S, zooming passed your competition at lightening speed. Because your software provider enabled you to do just that.

Get in touch with AJS, a very client centric organisation, that can tailor make your system by engaging and collaborating with you according to your needs, propelling your business to the standards that every Porsche driver has come to expect from their machine.

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Alicia Koch
Alicia Koch

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