Are you in the practice of fortune-telling?

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18 May 2021

Picture this scene – you are in a darkened room, sitting next to a fortune teller, with your co-workers around the table, all staring expectantly at a crystal ball. “You have come here today to find out when you will receive money in your trust account,” Esmerelda whispers.

“Yes and to find out when my discovery papers will be filed,” says Tony, head of our litigation team. Esmerelda indicates she needs some time and we need to be patient. “Not today I’m afraid,” she finally says.

I get that. It happens to us all the time.

If only, indeed…..

If only we could know when money comes into our trust accounts, it would make our conveyancing team a lot happier. Or if we could just be notified whenever papers are filed for our litigation matters, it would take a load off of our litigation team.

Or an update whenever a contract is signed by the other side. An important letter from your opposing side during a divorce matter.

The answer? Notifications.

Imagine receiving a notification every time a deposit is made by a purchaser into your conveyancer’s trust account. The conveyancing department could then reinvest the amount into an interest-bearing account.

Imagine if all your banking transactions could be linked to your legal software package so that any money coming in or out of your trust account relating to the matter would be noted on the system with a notification on your mobile, iPad, laptop or Apple watch.

Imagine if whenever a document is served on your offices or an important email comes from your opposing side it is linked to your legal software package, updating the matter automatically, sending you a notification so that you can immediately update your client and your team.

Imagine you could customise these notifications for your specific practice or, more impressively, customise these notifications for each individual department.

Imagine the peace of mind and ease with which your firm could practice. Everyone could stay on top of things, nothing would be missed, no documents misplaced and money would always be accounted for as and when received or paid.

But is it possible?

At AJS we have been asking ourselves the same question and believe notifications would be an incredible asset to a practice. And all we can say is Watch this space – exciting times are ahead.

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Alicia Koch

Alicia Koch is an admitted attorney with over 10 years PQE. She has worked in law firms, has had her own legal consulting company and has been an in-house legal... Read more about Alicia Koch


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