Media and digital platforms market inquiry invites stakeholders to make submissions on further statement of issues

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20 Dec 2023

The Media and Digital Platforms Market Inquiry (“MDPMI” or “Inquiry”) has released a Further Statement of Issues (“FSOI”) following a review of submissions including responses to the initial Statement of Issues (“SOI”) from media, digital platforms, publishers, broadcasters, and associations. The Inquiry is now inviting market participants and other interested parties (“stakeholders”) to share their views and information on the additional issues identified.

During the first phase of information gathering, stakeholders have engaged with the questions and themes in the initial SOI, providing valuable feedback to the Inquiry. Upon reviewing these initial submissions, the MDPMI has identified six additional themes that the FSOI will explore.

The FSOI themes include the incorporation of constitutional interpretation into the Inquiry, the impact of mis- and disinformation, the emphasis on radio and TV broadcast news media (especially the public broadcaster), the measurement of news and its benefit to search and social media platforms, revenue share arrangements between news media and digital platforms, and the role and importance of transparency in platforms and Advertising Technology (Adtech) markets.

The FSOI is structured around the scoping items identified in the original SOI and explores these additional themes in no particular order, all of which find relevance under the Terms of Reference.

The MDPMI seeks detailed inputs on these themes to inform its process, evidence gathering, findings, and remedial actions. Written submissions to this FSOI should be emailed to [email protected] by 17h00 on 22 January 2024. To enhance the strength of submissions, the Inquiry encourages stakeholders and market participants to provide reasons and corresponding evidence where views are provided.

All Inquiry documents, including the Guidelines for Participation, a framework for submissions, including any claims of confidentiality, and public versions of stakeholder submissions, are available on the Inquiry’s website. The administrative timetable provides updates on further activities of the Inquiry.

Article sourced from The Competition Commission of South Africa.

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